Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NECC Wrap Up
The peripatetic Wes Fryer (where wasn't he at NECC?) recorded our book preview session in Atlanta. His podcast, blog notes and links can be found here. Thanks Wes!
You can find our Reinventing session presentation, handouts and blogger responses on our NECC page.

Here's a last pitch asking folks to post a photo of their NECC magnolia blossom to a special flickr group: NECCBUD. This little experiment to see how far flickr (killer web 2.0 photosharing app) has penetrated the consciousness of NECC-goers leads me to believe that 1. people ditched their 4,000 flowers (too much to carry!) OR 2. flickr isn't essential to the average NECC attendee OR 3. multiple channels used to disseminate the idea didn't go very deep OR 4. it was a lame idea . What do you think? Other possibilities?