Saturday, April 20, 2013

DEN VirtConfLive: Links from Keynote

Thanks to all who attended this morning's keynote, Connecting Classroom and  Community with PBL.  I saw some great connections and idea-sharing happening in the chat!
Here are links to all the projects and sites I mentioned this morning:
Edutopia PBL Resources
A Hero in My Eyes, Diana Cornejo-Sanchez's project from High Tech High
Green Business project described in this Edutopia post
Kickflip Project described in this NY Times Learning Network post
Soil Superheroes project featured in this Edutopia video
Krissy Venosdale, Skype in Classroom, featured in this Edutopia post
Girls STEM project (Edge and Back) in this Edutopia post
Revitalize Rochester project
Rosebud Indian Reservation project

More PBL Resources:
Buck Institute for Education 
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If you have follow-up questions, please ask them in the comments here or connect with me on Twitter (@suzieboss).  Thanks!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Start Your Saturday with DEN VirtCon

I'm looking forward to presenting at the Discovery Educators Network Spring Virtual Conference on Saturday, April 20. My session starts bright and early--9 a.m. Eastern/6 a.m. Pacific. Hope you'll join me then to talk about Connecting Classroom and Community with PBL.  (Registration information for this free online event is here.)
We'll be using the conference chat to engage with viewers. But feel free to ask questions in advance, either by commenting here or on Twitter (@suzieboss).
Hope to see you then!