Thursday, October 11, 2012

See YOU at K-12 Online?

I've enjoyed K-12 Online, a virtual conference, in the past but never presented before. That changes this year! I'm excited to join Wes, Kevin, and other great educators midmonth. Please join us!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Second Wind for PBL?

Will the Common Core State Standards create new opportunities for the authentic assessment that goes along with project-based learning? That's the hopeful conclusion of several administrators I interviewed for an article in this month's District Administration magazine. Check out "The Challenge of Assessing Project-Based Learning" to hear why school leaders think we're heading in a smarter direction when it comes to assessment. As one principal told me, "We pay attention to what we measure. If we can shift the measurement so that students are better prepared and more engaged learners, then let’s do it.”
Of course, there are many challenges ahead when it comes to developing the next generation of assessments. Breaking out of the bubble-test mentality isn't going to be easy. That's where the advance scouts for PBL can help lead the way, by sharing evidence of the deeper learning that comes with quality projects.