Monday, January 14, 2013

Time for a Make-Over

We're getting ready to revise Reinventing Project-Based Learning and invite your feedback about what needs updating for the second edition. Since we wrote Reinventing PBL in 2007, we've witnessed an explosion of Web 2.0 tools and new opportunities for colleagues to advance their professional learning by connecting online. Good example: Twitter and #edchats not nary a mention in our first edition.
Plenty of other changes are afoot, as well (anyone thinking about PBL and the Common Core?). But we think the reasons for doing project-based learning have only gotten stronger over the past six years. And for students and teachers alike, PBL continues to get better with practice. We'll include plenty of compelling project examples in the new edition.
Please share your requests for updates or additions, and tell us about projects that deserve a broader audience.