Saturday, August 18, 2012

You're Invited! PBLchat for Connected Educator Month

Dab of Discussion in Tuesday night #pblchat Tweetup
A group of PBL enthusiasts use the hashtag #pblchat for anytime tweets on the topic of project-based learning. They also meet in real time for PBL twitter conversation on Tuesday evenings. This next Tuesday, August 21, in honor of Connected Educator Month, I'm sharing #pblchat hosting duties withTheresa Shafer from NewTech Network. We’re organizing discussion around the topic "What does connectedness mean for PBL?" We’ll pose several questions including but not limited to:

The teacher experience - What does connectedness do for us as PBL teachers? What are different ways you use virtual and IRL connections to enhance your practice? How does being connected feed your soul, feed your passion for teaching? Can you tell a story of an interaction that changed you profoundly?
The learner experience - What does connectedness mean for your students? What are different ways virtual and IRL connections contribute to their learning experience? Can you tell a story of an interaction that took your students someplace new, someplace they couldn't have otherwise reached?
The contributor experience - Beyond what connectedness means for us and our students, what does connecting do for others? I can tell tales about a respected author, a city council member, and a historian who were all changed by their interactions with kids. What stories can you tell?
Connectedness for change - What are the possibilities we've yet to explore? How can being connected not just contribute to our practice and to students' learning, but contribute to change in the world, too?

Please join us on Twitter Tuesday, August 21 at 9:00 p.m. eastern, set your filter to #pblchat and join the conversation.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Connectedness in PBL - Let's Tweet Up

Can you imagine carrying off a great project without connecting through technology? Is this even possible? Meet with fellow PBL enthusiasts on August 21 to discuss the ways connectedness is a game changer for PBL. No need to leave your cozy home, we'll be meeting in real-time on Twitter, organizing our conversation using the hashtag #PBLChat. This regular "tweetup" will be part of Connected Educator Month and we hope to see many new faces there.
#PBLChat is hosted by Theresa Shafer, Online Community Manager for the New Tech Network. I'll be joining as cohost for our session on connectedness.
Details:  Scroll down to Aug 21st on the Connected Educator Month Schedule, but simply put, meet us on Twitter at 9:00 US EDT, set your filters to #pblchat, and join in!