Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's missing?

American teens are plenty confident that they can solve the world's most vexing problems with the help of technology, according to the latest Lemelson-MIT Invention Index. There's just one not-so-small catch: more than half of today's high school students feel unprepared for careers in technology and engineering. A large majority of teens (79 percent) recognize the value of project-based learning. But just as many cite a need for more funding to support hands-on, real-world learning.

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SC Spaeth said...

Thanks for this link to the Lemulson survey results. I built on your observations in a post A global essential question:

I search for answers to this essential question through our efforts to find ways to use technology to support improving teaching and learning. Suzie Boss, an author of the recently published book Reinventing Problem-based Learning, asks, "What's missing?":