Friday, February 27, 2009

Reinventing PBL Flickr Group Reaches 100 Contributors!

Midnight Chickadee at Kang Chaio Bilingual School, Taipei (hat tip to Terry Smith)

I posted a query to Classroom 2.0 two weeks ago about computing environments and Greg Tracy contributed several helpful ideas. Several days later I announced that the Reinventing PBL Flickr Group was one member shy of 100. Greg was paying attention and now I'd like to give a hearty welcome to Mr. 100, Greg Tracy!
If you want to see and show others what PBL looks like in action, take advantage of this Group.
What ways can it be useful?
  • Look for projects to emulate or join.
  • Talk to contributing teachers about their projects.
  • Ask kids: What three photos would best tell the world what we're about?
  • Think about the stories projects tell, and how documenting them on the Web transmits their power to others.
  • Start a discussion with other pbl-minded folks in the group forum.
  • Set the pool pictures on "slideshow" and project the images as participants gather at your next staff meeting or workshop.
In what other ways can pictures of PBL inform, persuade and celebrate? I'm all ears. Please join the Reinventing PBL Flickr Group!

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