Friday, May 29, 2009

Start a Conversation

Meet Luis. At 18, he has a mature appreciation for what technology can do. The son of Mexican immigrants, Luis sees technology as "a better way to connect with families, connect with friends, a better way to help me improve my studies and find out information and use it for the community, not just for myself."
Luis shares his story in Edutopia's Digital Generation Project, a rich collection of content that was just released this week. Ten youth portraits are the heart of the project (although we adults get plenty of opportunities to weigh in, too).
This content is freely available for you to reuse--on your blog or school website, in class, at a parent or staff meeting, or wherever else you might want to take the conversation about today's digital youth.

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J said...

Edutopia is one of my favorite sites and thanks for sharing this story.

I enjoy reading your blog. It has given me some insight about teaching and I think other teachers will benefit from what you are writing.

I have added it to my education portal at

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for your ideas and thoughts.

Steu Mann, M. Ed.