Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Meet at ISTE

With ISTE just around the corner, we're looking forward to the chance to connect with fellow PBL advocates. We've met many of you in the virtual world. Now's our chance to meet face to face. Here are a few events we hope you'll attend:

Birds of a Feather: Join us for a PBL Birds of a Feather event on Monday (6/28), 4:45-6:15 pm, room CCC 205/207

Hands-on Session: Tinkering Under the Hood: Strategies to Enhance Critical Thinking, Tuesday (6/29), 3:30-4:30 pm, CCC Korbel Ballroom 2A.
Plan on an engaging conversation about the role of inquiry in PBL.

Book Signing: We'll be signing copies of Reinventing Project-Based
and answering questions, Tuesday (6/29), 5-6 p.m., CCC, Lobby D

Poster Session: The Innovator's Toolkit, Wednesday (6/30), 8-10 am, CCC Lobby A.

Hope to see you there!


Glenn Wiebe said...

Would love to sit in on your PBL conversations but will be in Oklahoma.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I was at your session at ISTE this afternoon. Can you direct me to the materials from the session?

Suzie Boss said...

Too bad! We would have loved to share these conversations with you.
Great to meet in South Dakota, and hope our paths cross somewhere else soon.

Suzie Boss said...

Materials from our sessions are posted in the ISTE Ning.
Here's the group for Tinkering Under the Hood (inquiry discussion):
NOTE: Slides will be there soon.

Follow-up from PBL~Better with Practice will continue in Classroom 2.0. Here's the group there:
Thanks for attending!