Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glimpse of Village Life

These lovely children are from the village of Ladhra, about 60 kilometers and several centuries removed from the planned and very modern city of Chandigarh, where I've been staying. I'll have more to share about school life after I do a workshop this weekend in Chennai.


Kultar said...

Oh! We missed you. It would have been wonderful to have you visit coVeda (in Chandigarh) where facilitators, parents and children work together to create an Integral Education learning environment where we PBL is one of the methodologies used to address the learning needs of the whole being.

Suzie Boss said...

So sorry we didn't get to meet. The organization that arranged my visit--The Achievers' Programme--is based in Chandigarh. If I make a return trip, I'd love to connect.