Sunday, January 29, 2012

Connecting PBL+STEM

We've all seen students whose interest in a subject takes off as the result of an engaging project. These experiences can set the course for future studies or careers if students get a sense of their potential as skilled problem-solvers.
That's why I was happy to hear that project-based learning would be showcased as an effective strategy for STEM education in a new video, "The Future of Science Education: STEM and Workforce Readiness."
The video airs Thursday (2/2), 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST, as the kickoff for a virtual conference. I'm delighted to be one of 25 speakers weighing in on this important topic and taking part in an online chat on Twitter afterwards.
Join the conversation by registering at Follow the tweets with the hashtag #futurewecreate. And please share your stories about projects that have ignited your students' interest in STEM careers.


Anonymous said...

Susie, looking forward to chatting on 2/2 about PBL - if only virtually!
Katie Hunt, past President of the ACS, currently an R&D Director at Dow. @KatieChemist

Suzie Boss said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks--should be a good conversation. Look forward to connecting!