Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Turn

My plucky friend Suzie toured India with PBL workshops last Fall and now it's my turn. What an adventure! Right now I'm in Gurgaon, about an hour outside of Delhi and known as the "outsourcing capital of India." A megalopolis in just a decade, "As per the provisional data released by the state, Gurgaons population in 2011 stands at 15,14,085 against 8,70,539 in 2001." That's a 73% growth rate. I look forward to learning what this means for the school I'm working with, Lotus Valley, Gurgaon, and India.
My first school, New Era School in Delhi.

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Suzie Boss said...

Can't wait to swap stories with you, Jane! Meanwhile, keep those photos and posts coming.