Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Links from Learning & the Brain

Thanks to all who attended my presentation on Bringing Innovation to School at the Learning and the Brain Conference in San Francisco. Not only was I honored to take part, but came away with fresh insights from researchers investigating what makes us humans so creative. Hard to beat sunny SF as a place to ponder big ideas--whether it was jazz as a metaphor for collaboration, simple but powerful ways to activate positive emotions, or the importance of rest and relaxation to fire up the imagination.
Here are links to the various sites and resources I mentioned:
Gallup HOPE Index for 2012
The Henry Ford Museum 
Maker Faire
Mt. Elliott Makerspace
HeroRat (a project of Apopo)
Fixes column in the NY Times
NY Times Learning Network, where I've been writing a series related to Fixes
Henry Ford Learning Institute, which offers a summer design thinking institute for teachers
Studio H 
MakerSpaces for Education 
Design for Extreme Affordability, cross-disciplinary, design thinking, PBL course at Stanford
Fail Faire
What are your action steps for bringing innovation to school? Would love to continue this conversation!

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