Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Look what's here! Second edition of Reinventing Project-Based Learning was released this week by ISTE. Since the first edition came out in 2008, we've seen enormous change in technology tools available for real-world learning, and also a huge surge of interest in PBL around the globe. New (or expanded) chapters take a deeper look at assessment in PBL and offer a forecast of trends to watch. Lots of inspiring project examples, too, from the growing, global PBL community. Feedback welcome!

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Tania Lee said...

Hi Suzie,
I am a member of ISTE and work in a college as a faculty development trainer. My school is exploring project based learning and I just picked up this book. It is helpful to read as it is meant for study groups and I am sitting in a study group - and I have passed a copy of your book to the study group leader! As many in the group are experienced faculty, but new to PBL, it would be interesting to hear from experienced PBL-ers in the field.