Friday, November 16, 2007

Anyone Else XO'ing?

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Give 1- Get 1 Campaign has begun and with help from my friends I am sending an XO out into the world!!! It's exciting to imagine computers going into the hands of thousands of children worldwide because of this campaign.
Receiving an XO with its amazing design and innovative OS is pretty great too, and T-Mobile has pitched in with a gift. Anyone who purchases the pair (one to give, one to keep) gets free T-Mobile hotspot internet service for a year. Starbucks, airports... can't wait.

Are any of you participating in the campaign? I hope to join a community of practice around teaching with and teaching about the XO. The OLPC wiki space for teachers looks like a good place to start: I'll set up an XO group in Classroom 2.0, too.

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TSmith said...

Yes - I just ordered an XO today. Seems like a very worthwhile undertaking - I'll use my XO in the classroom and explain to my kids what it represents.

Terry -