Friday, November 16, 2007

Touring Your Own Town

During our Tapped In session yesterday, Lynne Wolters mentioned a project site called Our City Podcast developed by Tony Vincent. Students post audio tours of their hometowns (and reach an authentic audience). The 30+ shows currently in the library are from U.S. classrooms, but the site is open to students worldwide. Teachers will find resources and classroom ideas here, too, including suggestions for creating a compelling script.

MYTOWN is another example of city tour as powerful learning experience. This Boston-based program was founded more than a decade ago by a young social entrepreneur. MYTOWN employs teens as urban tour guides, but here’s what’s special: the guides research and write their own scripts. They start by taking a walk around their neighborhood with camera in hand, snapping pictures about sites that interest them. Extensive research follows, leading eventually to a better appreciation of local history and a tour that’s unlike anything else in this city known for walking tours. Check out the MYTOWN video (on the program home page) to learn more.

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EllenK said...

Thanks for guiding me to some wonderful, enriching ways to use technology with kids. I am just beginning to uncover all the resources that are out there on the internet.