Thursday, May 22, 2008

Run Out on Rail in Philly

I visited Chris Lehmann at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia today. We were getting along swell, talking a little about club sports at SLA. One thing led to another and suddenly Chris was saying: "I should kick you out of my office right now!" Small world and all that, turns out Chris coached the Ultimate team that my son's team beat at Nationals in Corvallis in 2004.

More later on the great tour by Devon, a ninth grader, and stories about School of the Future visit and Philadelphia Public Schools.

1 comment:

Chris Lehmann said...

"Saying" might be being kind. I think I may have yelled.

O.k. -- I know I yelled.

On a good note, all of the seniors on that team agreed that is what I should have done. On a better note, the story gave me a chance to pick up the phone and call a few kids I hadn't spoken to in a while.

Come back soon... I promise not to yell, as long as you promise not to mention that game. :)