Thursday, June 28, 2007

Face Time

One of the highlights of NECC is getting to meet face-to-face with the amazing educators we've been interviewing and learning from at a distance in recent months. We stopped by the Flat Classroom Project poster session to say hello to Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis. We met Jeff Whipple, Wes Fryer, and Jerome Burg for the first time during our session. I was lucky enough to meet Anne Davis several years back when she first started blogging with her elementary students, but it was great to see her again. And Linda Hartley from the UK and Tom Hemingway from Ankara, Turkey, couldn't make it to Atlanta, but they were game to join our discussion via Skype. The whole experience has helped us imagine what global projects must feel like from a student's perspsective. Through these conversations, the world becomes not only flatter, but friendlier as well.


Wesley Fryer said...

It was great to meet you all too, along with so many others at NECC! Thanks so much for sharing your session, as well as all the work on PBL that has gone into your book. I shared the recording of your session as a podcast this afternoon. Best of luck as you all finish the book and continue to move forward as project-based learning advocates! :-)

Jane Krauss said...

Wes, Thanks! I'm going to post a blog entry that points back to the recording on your site. I really appreciate it!

And.... as I looked at all the flickr photos tagged necc2007 I found you in a ton of them! You really got around. Thanks for compounding the goodness of NECC by blogging, flickring, podcasting and more.