Monday, June 11, 2007

Jane Goodall's Camp - Capturing the Ephemera of School Displays

Jane Goodall's Camp
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Sophie in Grade 3 recreated Jane Goodall's field camp in a lovely diorama. Click on the photo to go to Flickr and mouse over "note" squares that identify the different elements in the display.
This picture, posted to Flickr by Principal Tim Lauer, is included in the Classroom Displays group, which gives a window into the ephermera of school displays.

Classroom Displays serves a growing community of practice and is featured in our book Reinventing Project-Based Learning.

Look at displays contributed by 113 group members and ask yourself: What do class displays tell us about what goes on in school, and about what we value in student work? Visit Classroom Displays Group on Flickr and read host and Edublogger Award Finalist Linda Hartley's blog. Linda describes her purpose and what she's learning on her research site Acting to Improve.

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Anonymous said...

From Grade 3 to Grade 10, I homeschooled my daughter using a project-based model. I was continually astounded by the quality and independence of her learning.She was bored to frustration with high school but now as a young adult displays strong organizational and problem solving skills that she attributes to her homeschooling.