Thursday, June 28, 2007

One NECC Blossom Comes Home to Eugene, Oregon

NECC bud comes home to Eugene
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A NECC magnolia bud looks just right on my salmon egg-to-fry specimen display.

As I admired my NECC magnolia blossom this morning I got to wondering, where did the other 3,999 go? If you got a bud at the opening keynote (or if like me you received one from a kind stranger), why not take its picture and upload to a flickr group just for NECC flowers? Add the tags neccbud or necc2007, and a geotag, too. I wonder, how many will we see? My inspiration is the paper crane project hosted by Eshu, who is folding and then sending 1,000 paper cranes around the world with one request: Show where they alight. (You won't find better photographs on Flickr than those in the paper crane project. Here's one of my favorites.)

The neccbud group at flickr:

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